Hossfeld Vineyards is comprised of 8 blocks, each offering a distinct exposure, elevation, and varietal selection. The majority of our planting is Cabernet Sauvignon with a sizable portion of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and bit of Malbec and Petit Verdot.The grapes grow on what they call excessively draining soil, essentially we have 3 inches of topsoil and the rest is bedrock, which creates naturally de-vigorized growing conditions. This ‘stressed’ select growing style gives the grapes excellent color, low yield and great fruit flavors. It also stresses the grower sometimes because growing on a rock requires a lot of customized farming practices because these ‘Bonsai’-like vines. We participate in what is called ‘heavily manicured’’ farming or a highly aesthetic farming style . Although we aren’t organically certified we do farm as sustainably as possible.This vineyard is unique because it is extremely steep, it is literally like Half Dome on the backside of our property. Most of the vineyard is comprised of steep terraces. These terraces allow the fruit to get enough sun and air to keep everything harmonious and are extremely picturesque.


The Coliseum block is one of the better known blocks. As well as the Flagpole, both producing outstanding grapes.


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