The Kitsch of Hossfeld Vineyards

Hossfeld Vineyards, purveyors of high quality Bordeaux grapes,  with a severe mission for growing superb quality grapes and spicing up the valley floor with a ‘highlanders’ approach. Located 1500′ above the valley floor and nestled within the picturesque craggy peaks of Stag’s Leap, the 360-degree view of the entire valley captivates everyone.

Founded in 1983 by Henry and Susan Hossfeld, this mountain top lay wild and overgrown with lots of native flora and fauna , i.e.  lots of poison oak . The original idea for this property was to plant  kiwi orchards. This idea was quickly thrown to the wayside as grapes were becoming popular and a notion that this site with its afternoon breeze, pure bedrock soil conditions , and location would grow premium hillside select grapes. From dynamite to VSP , the founders sculpted the hillside into one of the most extreme mountain terraced vineyards , a real Indiana Jones flavor. Meadows and patches of forest still adorn the hillside because we believe in the synergy of nature and farming.

Winemakers from a variety of Napa Valley wineries seek out the fruit from our vineyard. Its deep dark color, red or black fruit forwardness, and concentrated flavor, make a great addition to any wine program whether it is a vineyard designate or a blend.  There is quite a bit of winery alumnus that come for our fruit for their new projects.

Present day Hossfeld Vineyards still harbors the ambition and work ethic of the first generation and is still family owned and operated by the matriarch and the three daughters since the passing of Henry in 2009.


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